Our Projects. 

The Roslyn Trails Alliance is a new group with a few primary projects:  (Please ignore some of the pictures - our photography isn't done yet!) 

Community Trail Map

The Rolsyn Trails Alliance publishes a map annually of area trails. It is available on our website and at local businesses. As with all maps there are errors of omission and accuracy - some informal user built trails are not reflected and trails depicted may be decommissioned or closed. 


Trail data is also available in GPX and KML files. Pease help us maintain accurate data and trail condition information by emailing comments to info@roslyntrails.com

Teanaway Link

The Roslyn Trails Alliance is advocating for a permanent publicly owned connection betwen the Roslyn Urban Forest and the new Teanaway Community Forest.  There is only a relatively short distance between these two publicly owned forests.  A connection would enhance wildlife and recreational opportunities in the Roslyn Community.  

Enhanced Trail Experiences

The Roslyn Trails Alliance is interested in enhancing the trail experience in the Roslyn area through better mapping, signage, and trail maintenance. We hope to work with the City of Roslyn, the Coal Mines Trail Commission, Suncadia, and other public and private entities to preserve and enhance the existing trail network.  

Enhanced Winter Use

The Roslyn Trails Alliance is interesed in increasing non-motorized winter use of area trails as a means of economic development.  Research indicates that non-motorized winter recreationalists have more disposable income and are more likely to utilize local accomodations, restaurants, and other businesses.